Envirelope - the CO2 neutral environment envelope

The CO2 neutral Eco-envelope
that redefines environmental friendliness!

Excessive CO2 emissions over many years have caused global warming.

Global warming is a dangerous threat to mother earth

Everywhere around the world people are concerned with the consequences of global warming, which is of course self inflicted. Cars, aircrafts, and factories – all of these and more have contributed to a share in the dramatic increase of 30% in greenhouse gases since the 19th century. Although the United Nations Kyoto protocol provides for a reduction in greenhouse gases, CO2 emissions continue to rise.

As the European market leader in envelope manufacturing, the companies of the Mayer-Kuvert-network are facing up to their responsibility and offer a CO2 neutrally produced "ecological envelope" aptly called Envirelope as a world premiere.

CO2 neutral production – what does it mean?

CO2 emissions during the production process are compensated by financing the construction of climate protection projects.

In January 2009, the consulting firm ClimatePartner certified that the Mayer-Kuvert-network group of companies qualifies to produce CO2 neutral envelopes. The CO2 discharges during production, which have been considerably reduced by taking various measures, will now be further compensated by offsetting emissions through ecological emission reduction certificates. Through these certificates we help to finance the construction of climate protection projects, for example hydropower and wind energy plants. These projects in themselves contribute towards reducing CO2 emissions into the earth’s atmosphere in the future. Carbon neutral certification is accepted globally. Governments also utilise such practice. 

Green Energy Label von Mayer-Kuvert-network

Manufacturing with "green energy"

As Mayer-Kuvert-network works according to the concept "first reduce, then neutralise", they attach importance to make ongoing use of green electricity from renewable resources during the production of Envirelope. When using "green electricity" recovered from hydropower, the CO2 emissions during the production of electricity go to zero. In order to bring this message to the recipient, Mayer-Kuvert-network has developed an own "green energy"-label which is to be seen on the reverse side of the Envirelope envelopes.

Environment protection during production and warehousing

Energy saving infrared drying reduces quite some CO2 emissions.

Long before the market launch of the product, our group companies took several steps to reduce our CO2 emissions by 10,000 tons per year. For instance, our MAILmedia brand of envelopes is manufactured utilizing solar energy and energy-saving infrared drying.
Furthermore, in the course of dispatch, CO2 emissions are reduced by half. Two-story loading
is the "magic word". By using the full height of the truck the number of journeys is halved.
Furthermore, the use of smaller and thinner window film provides for less material usage and also less waste, as indeed is also true of the implementation of smaller side seams.
By using rain water for the dilution of water color and for the cleaning of glue and color containers as well as by treatment of the remaining water for the inside print, water consumption is reduced to a minimum. Waste water is cleaned before effluent disposal.

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Envirelope envelopes are a world first