Envirelope - the CO2 neutral environment envelope

The CO2 neutral Eco-envelope
that redefines environmental friendliness!

This makes the Envirelope a premium product regarding environmental protection:

The CO2 neutral production in the companies of the Mayer-Kuvert-network is a substantial contribution to a sustained environmental protection. But the Envirelope has far more to contribute to its extraordinary environmental friendliness. These materials ultimately make it an ecological envelope that redefines the term environmental friendliness:

CO2 neutral Impact paper

 Envirelope is made of CO2-neutral Impact paper by Lenzing.

The Envirelope is produced from CO2 neutral Impact paper. The Mayer-Kuvert-network companies have exclusive use of this paper across Europe. This paper, that is indistinguishable from normal fibre papers, consists of 100 % recovered paper. It is innately produced with a minimum CO2 emission of 79 kg per ton. In comparison, CO2 emission during the production of fresh or normal fibre paper is 500-750 kg per ton. The 79 kg are further compensated by financing of CO2 reduction programs.

Impact paper is absolutely fleck-free, which means that it does not have fibre residue or impurities within it. Due to its high whiteness (103 ISO), you cannot see a difference to normal fibre paper. Moreover, the paper is cemented with regard to mass and surface, so it is made for printing and laser applications.

Deinkable EcoRecyColor for the inside printing

True or false? "You cannot produce white recycled paper from envelopes." This general statement, which has been valid since the beginning of recycling is now a thing of the past! Within the Mayer-Kuvert-network we have made a significant breakthrough together with our ink supplier and have developed a flexo color called EcoRecyColor with an ink that is completely deinkable. Due to a newly developed formulation we have succeeded in completely separating the paper fibre from the ink. So, envelopes with inside printing can also be fed into the recycling process for white only paper. This was not possible until now, as during the de-inking process the color could not be completely removed from the paper. The result was the typical recycling grey color.

The new EcoRecyColor makes the envelope a completely recyclable product and at the same time provides for a bright white recycled paper. Paper with inside printing was the critical challenge to overcome to ensure complete recyclability of the envelopes.

Window foil made of renewable resources

The window foil which is produced by EarthFirst can be completely decomposed. width=

We use a window material from renewable resources for the Envirelope. It completely decomposes in industrial compost works and therefore it easily complies with the test standard EN 13432 which deals with the bio-degradability and compost ability of materials. The Deutsche Post DHL has accredited the EarthFirst foil for high-speed sorting machines (accreditation 3400 S 80682).

Water-based glues

We exclusively use water-based glues for the production of Envirelope, so that there are absolutely no residues to deal with during the recycling process.

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Envirelope envelopes are a world first